Hello! Hello! My name is Janette! I'm the creator and owner of Pocket Letters®. I love helping
people learn about this new hobby (as well as other crafts) by giving them the resources, guides, and tools they need to get started!

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By day, I'm a marketing executive at Zool Agency. At night I manage my online printables shop,  YouTube channel, and relax with my husband on our super duper uncomfortable couch. Seriously, it's the worst! When I'm not filming a craft tutorial or running the Pocket Letter Pals™ network, I craft! Like, a lot. It's just fun! In the past I've worked as a full time designer for Sizzix US and CraftStash in the UK. However, I've stepped away from the craft industry for just a bit to diversify my work experience. 

Did I mention my FREE PLANNER WORKSHOP yet? Yup, I also teach online workshops on the side. (You can check out my craft workshops here).

DANG! I keep busy,huh? I can't help myself, honestly.

I love all the crafty things!

Here's my favorite crafts:

-pocket letters (obvi)
-creative journaling
-brush calligraphy
-travelers notebooks
-an icy, cold Coke

Did you see what I did there? I really do love Coke though. I know, I  know. It's bad. But you'd be proud to know how much I've cut back! 

Okay, now time for some pics....
I should also mention that I moved from southern California to Manchester, England with my smarty pants husband, Lovey in 2016. I probably should've mentioned that in the first 2 sentences, sorry. But you'll be happy to know that we're LOVING it here and don't mind the rain and cold one bit! (I scratched that because the only time I do mind is when I have to wait for the bus in the early morning. Brrr!) Lovey and I will be here for just a bit longer while he pursues his PhD so that gives you plenty of time to come visit us;) Also, I miss my family and friends like crazy! 

Feel free to join our journey on our personal Instagram account, @jjinmanchester.

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Thanks for reading!

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