Thrift Store Haul for My Junk Journals + Ideas

Hi all! In today’s post I’m sharing some ideas of what to look for in a thrift shop or charity shop that you can use in your papercrafts! In the video below I share a recent charity shop haul and explain how I’ll be using my finds in journaling, junk journaling, plus give snailmail ideas, and more! In fact, I’ve already started the crafty fun with my “treasures." Here's a sneak peek, but there's more to come:

It’s so fun to peruse pretty paper at charity shops and thrift stores. Plus you’ll have really unique things to use for easy embellishments and other card and journaling embellishments. 

Here’s some suggestions of what you should look for:

-Maps (perfect for journaling backgrounds or to use with your dies and paper punches)
-Botanical books
-Fashion photography books (vintage)
-Art catalogs or books (lots have famous paintings which you could trim up and use in your journal)
-Vintage Sewing Patterns
-Old magazines
-Sheet music
-Books with old B&W pics inside
-Copies of your favorite books to junk journal in
-Hardbound books for journals

Besides using thrift store finds for junk journals and even pocket letters, you can use them for gift wrap, meaningful keepsakes (like this heart garland I made with our travels), and even home! 

Happy crafting and hunting! Here's the video, as promised:

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  1. Hello Janette,
    I lost you when you went to England. I really missed being in your pocket group. And today I saw you on utube. Makes me very happy ��. I will be checking out Pocket Letters again.


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