Planner Meetup

planner meetup
Picture by Beverly Edwards

Many times when I'm explaining my hobbies to non-crafters it involves lots of explaining, gesturing, and iPhone photos. The usual questions follow: 

"Well, what's washi tape?" 
"Why do you put stickers in it?"
"What's the point of all this?"

So there's nothing better than meeting people who speak your crafty language. They instantly "get you" and understand your love of stickers and embellished paperclips. There's no judgment or quizzical brows. There's just crafty love!

I met up with some planner friends a few months ago and the memory of that morning always makes me smile. Picture us-- 4 women hanging out at a bookstore cafe, swapping supplies, eating baked goodies baked by one of our own, and talking planners, stationery, and the best shops to buy the former. What a great time!

Friends, I urge you, if possible to make plans to meetup with others who share your interests and hobbies! Whether it's a casual planner meetup or an organized, ticketed planner event, don't miss that opportunity to make a connection and make friends. I met these ladies via a Facebook group called, Manchester Planner Group. If you're on Facebook, just do a quick search on planner groups in your area. Or you can always introduce a friend or family member to the world of planners...or any other craft or hobby too!

Reach out! Meetup! It's nerve-racking at first, but just talk about your planner set up. Or your unicorn planner, and you'll be besties in no time!

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