Our Whirlwind London Day Trip!

Isn't it funny how sometimes things that aren't planned turn out much better than planning for weeks in advance? Lovey and I went to London on a last minute whim and it was magical! Here's how it came about (picture us sitting on a park bench):

Justin: Isn't it sad we haven't been to London and we've lived here for 9 months already? I mean, it's RIGHT there. Why haven't we gone?
Janette: Honestly? I think because we've both been there before-- it just hasn't been a priority. Plus it's only 2 hours away..we can go any time--but we haven't.
Justin: Ok-- Lets go tomorrow then. Find some tickets for early in the morning...like 5AM... and we'll go.
Janette: Like, tomorrow, tomorrow? 
Justin: Yep! Lets do it because school starts next week and this will probably be our last chance to go some where in a while.

And that was that. No wait. Lovey took me to Greggs to buy a bunny-shaped biscuit afterward.


That evening I booked a train on my favorite online train booky thingy, trainline.com (not sponsored). Tickets to London were a bit on the steep side if you wanted to leave any time before 9AM (peak travel times). But I found a more manageable price with a departure time of 9:30. (Lovey and I have a Two Together train discount card too, which helps!)

Friends, it was literally a 2 hour ride from Manchester Picadilly station to London Euston station! How easy is that?! Also we were both happy we didn't have to wake up super early like we did for our York/Durham trip. For the most part, the train ride was pretty uneventful except for when Justin was trying to open a meat pie I bought for breakfast. That crinkly packaging was THE LOUDEST plastic ever invented! We were in a quiet coach so it exacerbated the situation. I was chuckling (of course), but Lovey was frustrated because he hates disturbing other people's peace and quiet. (Oh, we weren't sitting together, either. The train was packed!)

We arrived at  London Euston at 11:34AM and here's what our day looked like (keep in mind we didn't go inside any of these places). Also I should note that we had 3 arguments [see schedule] and they all happened because we were hangry. (lol I hope none of you think we're the perfect couple, cause we aren't!)

Ok! On to our London day trip schedule:

1. Wellington's Arch

2. Hyde Park

3. Buckingham Palace (We waved at the Queen, of course!)

4. St. James Park (There's a bathroom here with a super grumpy security guy. Have your 40p ready, friends!)

5. Duck Island Cottage (Lovey was fascinated by this!)

6. Horse Guards Parade

7. Big Ben

[Argument 1]
8. Chicken Cottage (Lunch)
9. Covent Garden
10. Shake Shack (Chocolate shakes!)
11. Kings College (Lovey was also accepted here, but he decided on Manchester instead.)

12. Victoria Embankment Gardens
13. Tower of London /Tower Bridge/London Bridge
[Argument 2]
[Argument 3]
14. Olives Indian Restaurant (TOO GOOD!)
15. Back to Euston station.

WOO! Quite a day, right? And did you catch that our arguments were around lunch and dinner? Friends, hanger is real. Take snacks!

Now onto some closing thoughts that might be helpful:

1. We bought the day pass at the Oyster card kiosks for zones 1-6 because we didn't really know what or where we were going. The pass was reasonable (about 12 pounds per person) and worked for the Underground and the Buses! Next time we would get zones 1-3.

2. Crafty girls, there's some fun shops that I forgot were in London. Check these places out if you can:

-Kikki K.

3. There were sweet nut vendors around London Tower that made the area smell like Disneyland. Food stands there are pricey too (also like Disneyland). A tiny bottle of water was 3 pounds! Just go to Wetherspoons if you're trying to find something relatively cheap to eat. It's across the street, plus there's free water and toilets upstairs. ('Spoons never lets us down!)

Okay, that's it for today, friends. Hope you enjoyed our whirlwind day in London! We sure did :)

Thanks for reading and following along on our journey! If you want to see more of our day to day life in Manchester, follow us on Instagram at @jjinmanchester

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  1. What a wonderful experience for both of you! Thanks for sharing!


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