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In today's post I'm sharing a closer look at a creative journal layout I did for my YouTube channel: The Janette Lane (Journal With Me Process Video). After purchasing a new printer, the HP 3630, I was inspired to print photos and document my memories in my new DIY inserts! I made these with some cardstock, copy paper, and a long reach stapler! So easy and oh so cute! These puppies are going in my Websters Travelers Notebook STAT!

 Here's a tutorial where I used a paintchip brochure to make an insert, but you can use any cardstock:

Check out the instructions here

 For this layout I pulled bits from my stash to use, like scraps, diecuts, ephemera, and washi! These are also my go-to supplies for planner decoration and other papercrafts. But hold on, Janette! What's a travelers notebook? What are Midoris? In case you aren't familiar with Midoris, Doris (for short) or Travelers Notebooks, they're basically an insert/notebook holder usually made from leather, fabric, or other durable materials. They can hold up to 4-8 inserts/notebooks (sometimes more). Each notebook can be used for something different like planning, listing, doodling, and documenting. The holder allows all the notebooks/inserts to be looped together and they become portable. You can decorate them with washi, customizable inserts, embellishments, stickers, and so much more!
So, now that you know what a travelers notebook is, lets get more technical and talk about the elements and principles of design. I’ve talked about this in some of my videos and I go a little bit deeper in my Pocket Letters® online workshop. But I encourage you, especially if you’re a beginner crafter, to do a google search and read a few articles on it. I think it’ll really help you understand why certain designs are more visually appealing and assist you in developing your own aesthetic. I know it sounds boring, but it’s actually pretty fascinating stuff!
Lets talk stamping. I really want to incorporate more stamps into my projects because I have so many cute stamps that I never use. Honestly, I have a love/hate relationship with stamping! I hold my breath every time because sometimes it doesn’t work. I either didn’t have enough ink on my stamp, or I didn’t apply enough pressure. So many things can go wrong--but when it works, it WORKS!!!

Tell me about your thoughts on stamping. Do you love it? Hate it? Do you hold your breath and say a prayer too? Let me know. I’m so curious about your crafting experiences!

Watch this video even if you're a newbie or beginner. I know you'll come away with lots of inspiration and ideas.

Supplies Used:

--Long Reach Stapler:
--Websters Color Crush Travelers Notebook(similar):
--Outline Alpha Stamps (large, similar):
--Clearly Kelly Alpha Stamps(mini):
--HP 3630 Printer:
--Tim Holtz Sticker Sentiments:

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