3 Tips for Better Planner Pictures

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I’m not an expert but I know some basics that might help you with your planner pictures, especially on platforms like Instagram and Tumblr. Today I'll be sharing 3 tips you can use and incorporate into your own photography (even if you don’t do planners), I truly believe these suggestions will improve your images and help you take better pictures in general.

Some of these things I learned along the way in my own papercraft/planner journey. Originally my Instagram account (if you scroll back that far) was about my daily life. If you wanted to see grainy food and outfit pics, my account was the place to go! I kept thinking, “Why don’t my pictures look better?” “Do I need a better phone camera?” “What’s going on?!!”  After doing a little research and investing a few more minutes into my photography, my pictures started to improve, as did my social media accounts. And NO you don't need a better camera or lighting equipment (this is the kind I have).


For the love of all that is tasty and good! DO NOT take pictures under a regular house lamp or light! The yellow hue that results is not very attractive.. Always try to take your pictures under natural light (ie bright daylight). Can’t afford lighting equipment? No worries! Just take your pics next to a bright and open window or go outside (but don't set up your shot in direct sunlight). This single step changed my images overnight!


 I feel like the best planner pictures are the ones where the planner is clearly the star of the show. This doesn't mean you can't show your craft space in the background. But you're gonna need a nice setup, friends. And if you're starting out, then plain backgrounds are your friend. If you want your planner to be the focus, it's best to lay it on top of a plain desk or tabletop. Don't have a plain desk? Then get a poster board! YES! A plain white poster board from the dollar store. Set it down by an open window, then pretend that's your desk, and lay out your planner supplies on top. Easy peasy!


I'm not the best at phone photography to begin with, but I do know that using an app to edit your pictures will make it seem like you know exactly what you're doing. Here are a few of my favorite and most used apps:

-INSTAGRAM (Probably my most used! My favorite features are Saturation, Highlights, and Fade.)

My suggestions are to EXPERIMENT! Play with the filters. Up the exposure. Increase the Saturation a little bit. You don't know how many times a picture went from ho hum to holy moly!  by just increasing the exposure. Try it!

Well I hope these tips for improving your planner pics were helpful. If you incorporate these three suggestions into your planner documenting routine, I know you'll see a BIG change. If I can do it, you can too! Trust me! I think I might do a video on my YT channel showing exactly how I edit my pictures. Would that be helpful to you? Let me know!

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