What's a Pocket Letter (and more FAQs)?

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Pocket Letters have taken off with a running start! More like a mad dash! A few nights ago I contacted about 5 (or so) girls asking if they would participate in an exchange of the Pocket Letters I created. They agreed and I was excited just to get 5 people participating, but after a few more posts on Instagram about this new type of "creative letter writing", more people expressed interest and started making their own.

Now there's a Facebook group , a growing Instagram hashtag, a popular blog post, and my most viewed YouTube video to date. I'm so thankful! Office Max is definitely confused as to why a bunch of people rushed there to buy baseball trading card inserts this weekend, right? I just can't believe the positive reception on this little idea of mine.

Watch this video (or read this post) to learn what a Pocket Letter is, how to get involved, and ideas to make your own.

It's only been a few days and there are already a few repeatedly asked questions that have come up. I'm going to answer a few here.

How do I get started and how do I find Pocket Letter Pals?
-First, you'll want to find some penpals! I suggest starting with family or friends. Show them how to make a fancy, creative letter, and do a little swap! You can also join the official Pocket Letter Pals Facebook group. Or there are plenty of snail mail groups to join too. If you're on Instagram, create a post and tag it with #pocketletterpalswanted. Search the tag and send a comment or DM to anyone else who may be looking for a penpal. Also there are lots of penpal websites you can join. Just google:)

If you want to get really serious then find a Pocket Letter Pal on my Pocket Letter Pals™ network. Try it for free for 7 days! Once you've signed up you can create a profile, join groups, and connect with others who want to swap pocket mail. Regardless of where you find pals, once you find someone to swap with, then work out the details about who will write first, deadlines, general info, preferences, etc. After you've arranged your swaps, then purchase your supplies (suggested shopping list below!) and start filling your pockets with goodness!

If you want more information, head to the official Pocket Letters website which includes a FREE CHECKLIST with everything you need to get started on this fun snail mail hobby!

What type of inserts are these?
-These are standard baseball trading card inserts. They are 8.5x11 (inches).

Do these hold Project Life cards?
-No. The dimensions on the pockets are 2.5 x 3.5 inches.  I used some PL cards in some of my inserts, but I had to trim them down.

Do I have to decorate both sides of the insert?
-It's up to you! Be creative!

Is this only a one-time swap?
-No. You can connect with others and see if they want to penpal with you in this format permanently. Or if you can't take on anymore penpals, you can always just do a one-time exchange which is what many are doing.

Is this open Internationally?
-YES! Of course! :) As long as you find someone who wants to swap with you, you can participate.

Do I have to use these inserts?
-Yes and no. You can use other sizes. I just thought it'd be best to use this particular size.  I really hope that everyone uses the baseball card inserts because they store well in a standard binder. Also I've seen business card inserts which are similar and can also fit a standard binder. Feel free to use those too, but always make sure that you tell your swap pal beforehand so they know what to expect if you're using a different insert.

Can I swap with you, Janette?
-Honestly, I'd swap with everyone if I had an endless supply of postage and time. Right now, I'm not taking anymore Pocket Letter Pals.

(If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask them in the comment section below!)

Thanks again for everyone's kind words about this idea of mine. There are so many people who inspire me, it's great to inspire others in return!

*This post contains affiliate links

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