Pocket Letters FAQ

I created the concept behind Pocket Letters a week ago and already there are a lot of questions that keep reoccurring. Here are the answers to the most asked Pocket Letter questions.

What are Pocket Letters and Pocket Letter Pals™?
-Basically it's a new way to write letters to penpals for a one time-swap or permanently. You decorate all the pockets of a trading card sleeve and send the whole page to someone who wants to swap with you. You can fill the pockets with anything you like (stickers, tea bags, a note, washi tape samples, pictures, etc.) Make sure to include a short letter or note and tuck it in one of the pockets. It's the perfect way to collect letters from penpals around the world and a convenient way to store them. They fit perfectly in a binder! :)

Watch this video for more information: http://youtu.be/OxHLkm0lZi0

How do I get started?
-First, you want to make an "ad" on Instagram. Upload a picture and tag it with #pocketletter or #pocketletterpal . This allows you to connect with other people who want to swap these kinds of letters. Then you'll want to purchase some baseball trading card inserts and start decorating! You can also post an "ad" on my Facebook group to see if anyone will swap with you there.

What type of inserts are these?
-These are standard trading card inserts used for baseball cards. They are 8.5x11 (inches) and are also referred to as 9 Pocket Page Protectors.

Where do I buy these inserts?
-You can click this link to purchase them at Walmart. They're $14.09 for 100 sleeves. Or you can check Amazon here.

Do these hold Project Life cards?
-No. The dimensions on the pockets are 2.5 x 3.5 inches.  I used some PL cards in some of my inserts, but I had to trim them down.

Do I have to decorate both sides of the insert?
-It's up to you! Be creative!

Is this only a one-time swap?
-No. You can connect with others and see if they want to penpal with you in this format permanently. Or if you can't take on anymore penpals, you can always just do a one-time exchange which is what many are doing.

  Is this open Internationally?
-YES! Of course! :) As long as you find someone who wants to swap with you, you can participate.

Do I have to use these inserts?
-Yes and no. You can use other sizes. I just thought it'd be best to use this particular size.  I really hope that everyone uses the baseball card inserts because they store well in a standard binder. Also I've seen business card inserts which are similar and can also fit a standard binder. Feel free to use those too!

How much is postage?
-Postage varies depending on the weight of your contents and whether items are machinable and non-machinable. An envelope can be charged as a parcel, but there is a way to get around it. I'm currently working on a blog post and video that will share everything there is to know about shipping and handling. International shipping is another ballpark. So stay tuned! Ultimately, it's best to check with your local post office. They're pretty helpful.

Can I swap with you, Janette?
-Honestly, I'd swap with everyone if I had an endless supply of postage and time. Right now, I'm not taking anymore Pocket Letter Pals. I do apologize!

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  1. Janette

    This is SUCH a clever idea (said one SoCal girl to another). Thanks for sharing your fun vision.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I would love to do this.

  3. Pocket letter is like a box of chocolate...never know how its gonna turn out!

  4. The link to the free checklist doesn't seem to be working? I've tried the link from 2 different pages on your website.

  5. How much is it after the trial period?


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