First Outgoing Pocket Letters

I posted all about my first incoming batch of Pocket Letters a few days ago. Today, I'm sharing my first outgoing Pocket Letters! I apologize to everyone who is waiting on a reply from me. I've been SWAMPED at work and I just got hit with a bug of the sore throat-achiness-congested nature. Boo! I wish I could nap, watch Netflix, and make pocket letters all day, but I can't. Duty calls! And bills call too.. And they call a lot. Especially the crafting bills which Lovey is increasingly concerned about... Haha! Please be patient with me, it may take me a few months to reply (things are just that crazy right now..prayers appreciated!).

Anywho. Here are my Pocket Letter creations. They're all a little different and I expect them to change   over time. Some have similar elements. Some have mail tags, others don't. Some have sticky notes, others don't. It just depends what I'm "feeling" and what supplies I have on hand. And honestly, you can do ANYTHING! Do you have to include tea bags in all your letters? No! You don't. It's just a  quick way to fill up your pockets. Do you have to decorate both sides? Heavens no! I'd never get done. If you have the luxury of having extra time in your day, then feel free to!

(Click here for the answers to some Pocket Letter FAQs)

If you need help with knowing what to include in your Pocket Letters, click here: Janette Lane's Pocket Letter Guide

If you want to start growing your own Pocket Letter "pocketbook", please read the following posts:
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Thanks for reading and thanks for your patience! Have a great day!

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8 lovely comments

  1. Your pocket letters are gorgeous! Hope you feel better soon, prayers for you. Take all the time you need:)
    love Annette

  2. Oh how fun! I hope you received mine :)

  3. Just ordered some pocket pages from your Amazon ad. Yay!!! Can't wait to play with these!!!

  4. Those are really cute Janette. :) hugs.

  5. Those are really cute Janette. :) hugs.

  6. Thank you for sharing this idea. It is amazing and novel. What a great way to store pen pal interactions. I hope to see and order Janette Pen Pal Pockets Kits through a monthly subscription box and you could include a pen pal match service for a fee too!. You Go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You Rock !!!!!!!!!!!!!! You Do It For You !!!!!!!!!! (before someone else does it)


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