Flowers & Paper Crafts

I've been doing all kinds of crafty things the past few months (like...just look at me). It's been, fun, inspiring, and kind of expensive (multiple trips to Michaels, Office Depot, etc). This past Sunday was another crafternoon extravaganza. I crafted in the shadow of a $2 bouquet of gladiolas using my heart punch on an atlas I scored for 50 cents. I punched out places Lovey and I had vacationed (and staycationed). I'm planning on making a banner with all the hearts to place above our bed (I'll show you pics when it's all said and done...) Oh my word! It was sooo relaxing though. Just sayin'...

How did you spend your weekend?

PS. I recommend you buy a heart punch, cause honestly, heart shape things make the world a littler lovelier...

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3 lovely comments

  1. Pretty pretty! I spent the weekend with my other half looking at baby stuff and attempting to prepare! Definitely need to invest in a heart punch, I could use more heart shapes in my life.

  2. i have a heart paper garland hanging on above our bed! i love your idea of atlas map paper hearts garland! my engagement photos we had paper hearts hanging off of a tree... theirs just something to whimsical & happy about heart paper garlands! im currently crocheting hearts for a christian women's retreat! i just can't get enough! :)

  3. hey girlie! just doing some major catching up in the blogging department!! i've been such a bad blogger these past few months! :(

    I love this idea! I totally want to make one of special trips we took! thanks for the idea!


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