One More Gorgeous Bride

It's funny how life turns out. I remember being 13 and talking to Melissa (who I've known since 5th grade) about how we both wanted to get married at 24 when we were "finally adults and had seen the world..." As if you could plan such things... Thankfully, things didn't turn out the way we envisioned. They turned out better. Last weekend, my lovely friend married her beloved in an intimate ceremony overlooking sand and sea.

Everything was simply GORGEOUS! Especially the bride! Actually, both Tom and Melissa were radiant on their special day. And their felicity was only matched and magnified by their family's happiness (I've been reading Jane Austen lately, can you tell?) Truly, a feeling of love blanketed the venue. You could feel it and see it... even to the last detail. Here are some images I captured as a guest and witness of this happy day...

Congratulations Tom & Melissa Caldwell! Wishing you happiness, love, and success in your every endeavor! God bless you both!

PS. See Tom & Melissa's Save the Date video here.

PPS. Not as many wedding pictures as I'd hoped because I was having major eye irritation. You can kind of see it in the picture above. Boo!

PPPS. Who's Justin????

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