Janette and the Hairy Weekend!

The main reason I blog is to remember... I'm realizing I have a horrible memory the older I get. But blogging and taking pictures helps. A lot! This was one of those weekends I don't want to forget. Lovey and I had two dinner parties to celebrate the last days of Sukkot.  It was nice seeing our friends 2 days in a row. Yup!

The rest of our weekend was spent Fall-ifizing our home (more on that tomorrow), baking pumpkin stuff, and relaxing. That was the highlight of my weekend. I'm such a homebody. Home is where my heart is. Go outside?? WHY?????!

The other highlight was my hair. Gosh. I know. Shallow, right? But seriously, most of the time I wear my hair up.. Especially lately that it's been hot..But this weekend I was like, "Weeee! Be free! Be happy! Bask in the sunlight and fly, hair!" And it helps that I actually took the time to curl it a bit. Which is quite a feat if you knew how much hair I had.

Well okay.. That's enough about my hair....How was your weekend? ;-)

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8 lovely comments

  1. Yup...your hair is truly glorious! Come rest upon my limp, lifeless head of hair pleeeze!!! Fall-ifizing...BEST word I've heard in ages:)

  2. the dinner looks lovely and your hair is fantastic!!!

  3. Your hair = ME SUPER JEALOUS.

    1. In response to your comment.. click the link in my post that says "was once pink". :)

  4. I would devote a whole post just to my hair if it looked half as good as yours does. Damn girl.

  5. haha aww i love these pictures..your adorable. and noooo not shallow at all! tee hee - we all get crazy over hair! (especially if its big and beautiful like yours!) plus, i love following you on instag x

  6. I love those free hair days....I miss them:( One day I will be able to pony tale this sucker again.

    But your hair is gorgeous! Like Holy-Crap-That-Girl-Is-A-Princess gorgeous

  7. i love great hair days!!!! they make everything better don't they?


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