Week via Kodak

Happy Monday friends! How was your weekend? Was it spectacular? Mine was blessed and a blur. I'm so happy I take lots of pictures cause sometimes I forget what my days consist of. Sad but true. Anyway. The following captures are from last week. And what a week it was! Awkward run-ins, followed up by even more awkward run-ins (Had another one with someone else from my past...Gahhhh!! What is going on here????? Each time it's exponentially worse!) But aside from all that, I had a cozy midweek date with Lovey at our local B&R . Thankfully, we had gift coupons so we only paid an $.88 difference. What. A. Deal! And yeah, I know.. I need a bang trim cause I'm starting to look like Joan Jett. Haven't decided if I'm keeping the bangs or growing them out...

PS. Thoughts and prayers are with those affected by those deadly storms ..Sooo sad... And so glad my bloggy pals living in the affected areas are okay. Praise the Lord! \o/

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9 lovely comments

  1. 88 cents for ice cream! What a steal! What a fun little date! Happy Monday friend!

  2. wait... Gah! I'm so out of the loop! Deadly storms?!

  3. Nice pictures! Keep the bangs!

  4. You're pretty. =]

    I like your bangs that length! Are they driving you crazy? Mine keep tangling in my eye lashes and poking me in the eyes. Time for a trim. Most def. but yours look good at that length! I vote to keep them =]

  5. I think your bangs look great that length. I remember being super annoyed when mine were that long though, I always felt like they were in my eyes!

  6. that ice cream looks DIVINE.

  7. Ahaha yes I see the Joan Jett resemblance! I think you should keep them though. :)

    Gorgeous photos as usual! :)


    P.S. I'm hosting a book tour on my blog. Join the giveaways! Amazon gift cards and a Kindle Fire up for grabs! :)

  8. i had a great, productive weekend! i love yours though :0) so yummy and adorable! as always from you!

  9. Ooh, I can't wait for ice cream weather! This looks delicious:) And 88 cents? Wow!


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