The Happiness Boutique!

I have quite a healthy collection of statement necklaces. I just love how they instantly add a fancy factor to any outfit. Today I wanted to share about Happiness Boutique, because they're a super cool jewelry company based in Berlin who does FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING and they also have a customer reward program!  Lately shipping costs have been the deciding factor on many of my online purchases. International shipping can get very expensive and it's so hard to find businesses who offer it. Plus they have AMAZING customer service and the utmost patience with a loopy bloggers (AKA ME!).

Anywho, back to necklaces! This is the one I picked because it had a touch of sparkle which is perfect for the upcoming holiday season. Also you can wear it with either warm or cool tones. Isn't it pretty? Oh la la!

I ended up pairing it with this sweater... I'm currently obsessed with this color which is a mix between rouge and rosewood. It's the perfect way to do pink in Fall...amirite? I'm wearing this tonight to a Christmas Kickoff event in Manchester. It's going to be a festive event with live music and fireworks so I figured I needed some sparkle. This necklace is perfect for it!

Check out their online shop here and please apply the code janettelane to your purchase for a 10% discount on orders over 19 euros. (That's about $20 USD) The discount code is only valid until November 27th, so hurry and place those orders!
the happiness boutique

They also have a bi-monthly giveaway which you can enter here.

Thanks so much for reading!

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts expressed are genuinely my own.

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