A Look at Didsbury

Every passing day, Manchester feels a little more like home...Sure, I still look the wrong way when I'm crossing the street, and I'm not 100% sure which way is north, but I can tell you where to get a really good, traditional English breakfast for cheap. I can also tell you where to catch the bus to go to town. Soon I'll be a real local! (Give me another month or two.) And no, I'm not picking up a British accent. Like ever. As beautiful as the accents are, I refuse to become that lady on that one Friends episode. Haha!

Now lets talk Didsbury, our little home town! I know this is probably going to sound crazy, but I miss this place already. When I go to the corner shop to grab a banana milkshake (currently obssessed), I think to myself, "Someday I won't be walking through here anymore..." And it makes me sad. Really sad. Am I losing my mind?! How can you miss something you're currently experiencing? Go figure!

Anywho, a few days ago I posted about our cozy little flat, and today I wanted to share snippets of our town. Maybe I'm biased but it's the cutest town in all the land! It's lined with beautiful, red-brick houses, trees, and uneven sidewalks trimmed with fresh-fallen leaves. There are stores, charity shops, and pubs/restaurants with the best names (Slug & Lettuce, Dog & Partridge, Wine & Wallop, etc.). And occasionally you'll stumble upon a cobblestone paved street--and puddles. You can always find a puddle!

Here are some pictures of Didsbury:
Overgrown red vines on buildings? Is there anything better?!
Our local library. (And yes, we have library cards! Hooray!)
Didsbury is on the small side and inevitably you begin to recognize people. But we also have City Centre, which feels like Manhattan, a few miles away. It's a good balance! You know what's funny? We've seen our friends walking around a handful of times too. Running into people you know on the way to your weekly banana milkshake is the best! It makes this place feel more like home...

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