How is it March Already?

The past few weeks have been sort of a blur. I'm not even sure how it's March already! #waitwhat? Time is flying by so fast it seems. Is it going by quickly for you too? Anywho... Just wanted to share a few images from the past few weeks. Planners. The Planner Society Kit. Lovey in the mountains (He's in his element when he's there...). A picture of the barn where I'll be hosting my first, full-day Pocket Letters™ workshop in May (JOIN ME!).

Also if you're interested in seeing what I made last week, watch this video below. It's a Show & Tell style video where I share a few projects I've been working on. Check it out friends!

What have you guys been up to? Anything fun? Let me know!


  1. Dear Janette,
    I had a full week of PL fun last week - I sent and received two private and one event swap. I told you earlier that I don't seem to be very popular at events because it means people will have to pay postage to Europe. I have actually stayed away from events I found quite interesting because all the people enlisted so far said "US only, please!". And I guess I have to review the situation - although people are reluctant to swap with a hitherto unknown partner in Europe, I've had so many private requests that I had to hit the brakes, can you imagine that?! OK, a few of those requests had confused PLs I received with PLs I sent, so they didn't really want me, but my partner, that was easy.
    I have four PLPPF now - that's "Pocket Letter Pals Proper Friends". We are not just friends via the system button, we are sharing family stories and are working on what could be a meaningful theme for our next PL exchange. We are even talking untouchable themes - such as religion or family planning. Janette, I have thanked you elsewhere, but will happily do it again: Your idea, as simple as it seemed, sparked of such a great community of ATC artisans and people simply enjoying writing a good letter - and now they somehow have to get to terms with each other. I love it, because I love writing letters and I believe we should take care not to loose the art of letter writing in a world of e-mail, SMS, What's it called, Biblical fruit cloud.
    PLove, Stef

  2. Hola Jannete, ahora que se que entiendes el español jijij te digo que me encantan tus pocket letter y me encanto ver tu video en español.

  3. Hi Janette, try Gabrielle Pollacco's mixed media videos on You Tube. They are gorgeous!

  4. Hi Janette, try Gabrielle Pollacco's mixed media videos on You Tube. They are gorgeous!

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