Life with Lovey: Visit to Balboa Pier

So I kind of missed all of the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016 on the blog. I apologize! I really do want to try to be better about posting. It's just that things have been CRAZY! Like seriously, if I told you everything that I've been up to, you'd probably cry for me a little. lol I feel like this past weekend I finally got to take a breather. And by breather, I mean taking things   s   l   o  w  . Yes, I still had a bunch of boxes to unpack (and I did unpack them), but I also made sure to make time for myself. And Lovey too!

On Saturday morning I got a craving to smell the ocean air. If you've never been to the beach, it's hard to explain exactly what I'm talking about, but let me just say, it smells delicious! So I mentioned this to Lovey and he was up for a last minute drive to the beach too. It felt like it was exactly what we needed. And it wasn't even that cold. It was actually really nice and the ocean was so calm it looked like a giant lake of sorts.
We drank some coffee, walked the pier, and watched some seals swimming about. Sheer bliss! Why can't every day be a last minute beach day?

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