Introducing Pocket Letter™ Inserts!

Sometimes I forget things. Little things, like my cell phone. And big things...Like this... This is a BIGGY! About a month ago I launched my very first manufactured Pocket Letters™ brand product and I forgot to share it on my blog. Yikes! *hides face in hands* A lot of you are not aware that I own the Pocket Letters™ shop. Up until now I've mostly sold digital products, like these Pocket Letter™ downloads (more designs coming soon!). So having an actual product is so exciting!

Pocket Letter™ Inserts are a big accomplishment for me! And I pretty much love them because I've included a flap that helps keep the contents of your letter more secure. I don't know about you but 9 times of of 10 things fly out of my inserts! It's frustrating and messy. The secure flap is meant to provide peace of mind that things won't likely fall out. Obviously, you can't stuff these to the brim, and you have to remember a few other things (which I've explained further in my video titled: How To Use Pocket Letter™ Inserts).

pocket letter inserts
 Another thing I'd like to say is that these inserts are not available in stores...yet! (Lordwilling someday!) For now I'm shipping them out from my home and I'm still trying to figure out what online postal service to use (Any suggestions are welcome!). I'm learning the ropes though and soon I hope the kinks in my shipping process are squared away. (And by "kinks" I mean tracking information. My orders get processed quickly, but tracking is a little tricky!) I plan on adding more Pocket Letter™ brand products to my store so please stay tuned and don't forget to subscribe to the Pocket Letters™ Newsletter for any news and updates!
I'm so thankful to everyone who has been cheering me on! If you're subscribed to the Pocket Letters™ newsletter, you've known about and joined me on this fun journey. Thank you! Words cannot express your encouragement and support!

To order your Pocket Letter™ inserts, click here!


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  1. Congratulations! How exciting!
    I'll be sure to sign up for the newsletter too.

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