What’s in a Name?

I’d like to clear up some confusion. Honestly, I meant to write this post months ago, but I’ve been busy with a ton of other stuff, mainly Pocket Letters. Anywho! Before we proceed any further in our blogship (bloggy pal friendship), I’d like you to know something...Something important! My name is not Janette Lane. I know. I know. Shocking, right? How did this happen? Have you lied to us this whole time, Janette? What’s going on? Is your name even Janette? LOL No, no. Nothing like that! Before I tell you my real name, let me back up a bit and tell you how I became known as Janette Lane (which I consider my nickname). 

A few years ago I changed the name of my blog from Janette the Jongleur to Janette Lane (you can read the story here) Basically, I chose Janette Lane because it sounded better than Janette Avenue or Janette St. (Janette Lane is the name of a street near my childhood home.) Anywho. After I changed my blog name I joined Social Fabric and started writing sponsored content for my blog. At this time I had canceled my personal Facebook account with my legal name because I felt super distracted by it, and I just wasn’t enjoying it anymore. Back to Social Fabric. One of the requirements for writing sponsored posts is social media syndication. In other words, I had to share my articles on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. Since I had canceled my personal FB account, I figured I could create one for my blog. The problem was, I wasn’t too sure how to create a FB Page account instead of a personal account. So I created an account with the name Janette Lane (I didn’t want to reactivate my old personal account).

As my blog grew, my readers started to refer to me as Janette Lane. Then I started to refer to myself as Janette Lane too. It worked. It worked so well for some many reasons. Mostly because my married name is super duper long and is always butchered. ALWAYS. Without fail. lol Plus it's easier for people to remember Janette Lane than Janette Daneshmand (pronounced don-ish-mund). Anyway. That’s the story. I guess I wanted to share it because I don’t want you to think I’m hiding anything. lol In fact I’ve included the google search results for what comes up under my legal name. You’ll find that A.) I work at Sizzix as a Craft Designer. B.) I have a photography blog from when I used to do photography on the side. C.) I own the Pocket Letters™ trademark and D.) I still have a Myspace account because I can’t for the life of me figure out how to deactivate it. LOL

So that’s the story. My name is Janette Daneshmand. I have no middle name. But you can call me Janette Lane if you want and from time to time I will call myself that too. Oh also, Lovey's real name is Justin. In case you didn't already know...

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this!


  1. I knew you real name because we email back and forth but for some reason Lane stuck and I forgot about Daneshmand lol

  2. I love that... Thanks for sharing Janette Lane... It doesn't really matter to me. You are one in the same Pocket Letter Sweetie/Inventor that I been enjoying so much. What's in a name... You and your personality is all that matters. :-) I have been enjoying your Pocket Letter Network group and Fb groups ever since you started this Pocket Letter Addiction... lol Have Fun. Hugs. :-)

  3. Thank you for sharing the story. Hopefully, Facebook won't make you change your name on there to your real name. We all know you as Janette Lane. I've really enjoyed making Pocket Letters and swapping them. My first one was earlier this year. I've been making ATC's for years, but I've enjoyed Pocket Letters even more. Thank you.

  4. ALOHA...and the truth shall make us...


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