5 Pocket Letter Etiquette Tips

Pocket letters fall under the category of snail mail and penpals. Since pocket mail is a new thing, I think it's important to establish some guidelines or helpful suggestions, especially since many participating are new to the world of penpals in general. Here are 5 Pocket Letter Etiquette Tips that you might find helpful:

1. If you haven't mailed out your Pocket Letter, try to avoid sharing pictures of them on social media. Share sneak peeks, but don't say, "This is the PL I made for Stephanie, hope she likes it." It takes away the element of surprise and it may make your pal upset. If you do like to share your progress pictures, then warn your pal ahead of time.

2. Let your pal know when you receive their mail and thank them. Simply send a quick note, via email or on Facebook. I haven't always been the best about this. Not going to lie. And I know many penpals who because of the size of their mailing list, do not send any kind of notification about sending or receiving letters. But do try your best to let your partner know when you've received their pocket mail and thank them for fulfilling the swap. Especially since many wait to share their pictures of their creations until it's been confirmed that the recipient received theirs.

3. If someone fails a swap, try to be gracious about it. A lot of the times people have really good reasons for not fulfilling a swap. A family emergency. A sudden illness, etc. Sometimes they don't have a good reason. A few, unfortunately, sign up on these swap sites to scam people. But for the most part, it's not intentional. Give it some time, often mail gets delayed or lost. I've had many people report a failed swap only to find that the mail delivery was delayed for a few days. If the swap happened on the Pocket Letter Pals network or on the Pocket Letter Pals Facebook group, please contact the admins of that group. They are there to help facilitate these kind of issues.

4. Always make sure you have enough postage on your letters. I know that sometimes going to the post office can be a tedious undertaking, but it's better to go through the trouble than to have your pal pay $2 because you didn't have enough postage on your letter. If your pal has to pay extra for lack of postage, you should definitely offer to reimburse them.

5. It's okay to say no to a swap request. If you aren't able to swap or you've maxed out on your swap partners, then don't feel bad saying "no".  Here are a few ways to graciously refuse a request:

"I'm so sorry, I'm maxed out on swaps at the moment, but thanks for your message!" or "Unfortunately, I'm not swapping at the moment, but I'm thankful for your request."

Remember, the most important thing is to communicate! (Here's a communication guide that might help you in this area.)

I really hope these pocket mail etiquette tips helped you in some way. If you have a helpful tip to add, please share in the comments below! Thanks for reading!

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  1. Great to have these guidelines. Thanks for reminding us.


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