What to Write in Your Pocket Letter

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I love reading the letter portion of a pocket letter (Click here to read about all the components of a typical Pocket Letter). It gives me insight about the heart behind the art! (Hey! That rhymed!) Personally, I want to know a little more about the creative mind that sent me a piece of their work. It makes it more personal, more real.  A lot of people have asked me about how to write the letter that goes in the Pocket Letter. The Pocket Letter letter. (Say that 10x fast!) I think this proves challenging especially when you're doing a one-time exchange with someone. What is it that you want to say? Do you want to keep it short and simple? Or do you want to be detailed? 

I’ve included some tips as well as an example right below my suggestion.  Keep this as simple or as elaborate as you’d like, but try to hit each of the following suggested points. Once you get better at this, you can leave out or add more “talking points”. And remember, all these are just suggestions. If you don't want to send a letter, make sure you tell your pal during your email exchanges, just so they know what to expect. Some people value the letter highly... others don't. That's completely fine, but always communicate with your pal!

-Who you are and where you live. (Again you can be as detailed as you’d like) 
-What you do for a living. 
-What you do for fun. 
-How you found out about Pocket Letters & what you like about them. 
-Thank you for exchanging. 
-Information about where to find you in case they want to keep in touch via social media. 

You can elaborate on each point in one sentence or one paragraph. It’s up to you! The following is an example of the above points in action:

Hello there! 
My name is Janette and I live in sunny California! Southern CA to be exact and pretty close to Disneyland. I’m a craft designer and blogger. Aside from arts and crafts, I enjoy traveling, reading, thrifting, and making YouTube videos. I also love going out to eat. I found out about Pocket Letters earlier this year when I stumbled across Janette Lane’s post on Instagram and Youtube. I’ve been having fun getting to know people from all around the world. Thank you so much for agreeing to do a one-time swap with me. I hope that we can at least keep in touch via social media. Or if you’d like to continue swapping, let me know. You can find me on YouTube (The Janette Lane) and Instagram. (@janettelaneblog

Take care and I hope you enjoy my Pocket Letter creation. 


I hope this  has helped you in some way with the letter portion of the Pocket Letter. Thanks for reading!


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