Pocket Letter Pretties- Emily’s Top Picks!

pocket letter ideas

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Emily here from Emily & Aideen Loves or EAL for short, which is a lifestyle blog that my bestie Aideen Fallon and I started. We share our many loves both crafty and non crafty related, review products, share our current fashion obsessions, basically anything fun that we think our lovely readers would enjoy hearing about! Aideen and I actually first met through the online crafting community, so crafty trends like pocket letters and mail art, are super exciting to us and we love connecting with crafty peeps from around the world! 
 I am still fairly new to the whole pocket letter trend, and I think what I am finding most helpful as I navigate the land of pocket letters online is seeing what people are filling those 9 little pockets with. The decorating part comes pretty naturally to me, but often times I find myself wondering what kinds of goodies I should include for my partner. So I thought it would be fun, and hopefully helpful to other newbies like myself to create a little list of my favorite items to include and receive in my pocket letters.
pocket letter ideas
 Pocket Letter Pretties- Emily’s Top Picks!
-       Bunny, Deer, or Bird themed Die Cuts and Ephemera – I guess I’m just lovin’ the woodland creature motif trend? lately.
-       Silver and Gold Sequins - I love making little sequin pockets!
-       BOWS – Ok, but seriously who doesn’t love a nice bow clip or die cut?!
-       Gold Glittery Heart Stickers – OBSESSED!! They just add the perfect touch to any pocket letter. I use these both to decorate and as little goodies inside the pockets.
-       Tea – who doesn’t love a nice cup of tea mmmm
-       Clips – I like to use various clips to both attach decorations to my pockets, and as little goodies inside them too… This is something I LOVE to receive so I figure they will be fun and useful for my partners.
-       Wood Veneer – this is another fave of mine to receive so I am always sure to pop a few cute wooden bits into every pocket letter I send out.
-       Washi and Twine – need I say more hehe! These are both so handy and fun to share and receive! I have been on such a gold washi kick lately. It adds such a fun and sparkly touch to any project.
-       Mini sticky notes- Since getting into pocket letters I have been growing a little collection of cute little sticky notes. I love using them, and I always love getting samples of ones I haven’t seen before!
-       Tags- Tags are just fun, and a nice filler when I’m not quite sure what else to add to a pocket… when in doubt add a tag!  Lol
pocket letter ideas

So that is a list of my current pocket letter faves at the moment and a pocket letter sample I created as a bit of inspo using my very favorite pocket letter pretties! I hope you enjoyed my little post, and stay tuned tomorrow for another fun pocket letter post by my partner in crime Aideen,

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Thank you so much Emily for sharing the pocket letter goodies you like to include in your creations! Stay tuned tomorrow to hear from  Aideen! Also make sure to check out Emily and Aideen Loves blog.
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**All photos in this post are by Emily of Emily and Aideen Loves and used with special permission.

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