Pocket Letter Creative Process w/ Jessicka Moran

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Jessicka here on this wonderful Wednesday! I have lived in Texas for most of my life. I'm married and a mommy to three boys. I've been crafting since my husband joined the military in 1999. I love anything crafty: from scrapbooks and planners, to lists and diy home decor..plus now, Pocket Letters!  I am feeling completely honored and excited to be able to share a few tips with you from my pocket letter process. 

Remember, the creative process of a pocket letter should be completely your style. I created my first pocket letter at the end of April.  Since then, I find that staying true to what I love is by far more gratifying for me than struggling to copy someone else. 

Now on to some organizational tips to make your pocket letter creation easier and quicker! You can do these in whatever order you'd like.

1. Pick your color combination. 
You can start by picking out a background, whatever that may be. I usually use cardstock paper or project life cards as shown here.  However, you can use tags, pretty tissue paper, cut up gift bags and even wrapping paper. 
Just trim them down to size (2.5 x 3.5)

pocket letter how to

2. Shop your stash to decorate your pockets! Shopping is fun but I always check what I have on hand first. Anything Goes!

-Washi, paper clips, note cards, doilies, and enamel dots. Make Your own: search for free printables and use your punches. 

pocket letter how to 

-Make sequins shaker cards or make your own embelishments out of cupcake liners or by layering different elements together.

pocket letter how to

-Design and cut out your own ephemera with an electronic cutting machine.

pocket letter how to

pocket letter how to

TIP: If you are pressed for time:  Group & Store all these items in ziplock bags or mini boxes. You'll have your own pocket letter kits ready for your next "Crafty Day".

3. Keep a pocket letter tracker!  
There's a few out there that you can print out and use. But if you want it to be personalized to your needs or your system, just make your own. 
Perfect way to keep track of all the pocket letters you've sent and received! 
Here's  one I made on MSWord to keep in my planner. Nothing fancy, but it is a L i f e s a v e r ! 

pocket letter how to

I hope you enjoyed my post. But most of all, I hope it helps you or inspires you to start creating pocket letters! It is THE funnest thing ever (yes, funnest)!
I'm so grateful to Janette for sharing this passion with us! 

Be Sure and stayed tuned tomorrow for another blog post! 

Huge Hugs!


Instagram: jessicka.moran 

Thank you SO MUCH Jess for sharing your pocket letter creative process! I loved your ideas and your creations! Please make sure to check out Jess's blog:
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**All photos in this post are by Jessicka Moran of My Happy Is Too Loud and used with special permission.

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