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I was asked by Janette to be a guest spot blog entry, of course I jumped on the chance. So here I am. Let me introduce myself. I am Brianna Holifield. Mother of 3, married for 18 years. I have been scrapbooking since 2003. My crafting addiction began when my husband was deployed to Operation Iraqi Freedom. To keep my mind from constantly thinking about his safety, I picked up some scrapbooking items from our local craft store. I was literally hooked from the first day I came home and made my first scrapbook. I have done scrapbooks, mini paper bag albums, project life albums, greeting cards, you name it I have probably tried it.

One day I was blog hopping and came across Janette Lane's blog. There was something called "pocket letters" on it. I read all about what she had written and was very intrigued on how to make one. I watched her YouTube video and then went to work.

I am absolutely in love with the creative process of taking a 9 pocket baseball trading card page and turning it into a beautiful letter for someone else. The picking out of 9 cards, washi tape, ephemera, die-cuts, ribbons, buttons, sequins, stickers, paints, stamps. Whatever your heart desires for that particular pocket letter on that particular day.

My style is using a mix of project life cards, die-cuts, and ephemera, and using a layering effect on 3 or 4 of the pockets. As I tend to always decorate the outside of the pockets, rather then the card itself. I fill each pocket in the back with either coordinating goodies or just randomness. Which is another reason I absolutely love pocket letters. There is no right or wrong way to create your pocket.

I found out there was a Facebook group for the pocket letters,  which I joined back in February 2015. There is nothing but wonderful, supportive, creative ladies on that site. They share tons and I mean TONS of great ideas for pockets, embellishments they have made, card ideas, and mostly they share their friendship. I have made tons of new friendships from all over the world, all because one lady [Janette] decided to share her wonderful idea with the world of making a pocket letter for a friend.

As of today's date I have made over 125 pocket letters. I use to be a die hard project life junkie but since finding pocket letters, I have totally changed my project life albums to pocket letter albums. I love the style and flow of the 9 pockets.

A couple of tips I would like to share with you that I have learned over the 5 months of making pockets. I have bought several different versions of the baseball card sleeves and to me the best ones that I love to work with are the Ulta-Pro 30 pages brand. You only get 30 pockets but the quality is very good. I tend to use my glue gun a lot on the pockets and these hold up perfectly. If you have a printer USE it. There are tons of embellishments you can print off Pinterest to use in your letters. If you have a local Dollar Tree or Dollar store near by, get in there. They have great $1.00 items you can use in your pockets. There is an entire craft/stationary aisle! And let's not forget about the Target dollar spot. They have stepped up their game when it comes to the craft world, offering crafting/planner goodies for 1.00-3.00 dollars. It never hurts to pop in and see what they have.

If your interested in seeing any of my pocket letters please feel free to follow me on any of these sites!

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Welcome to the wonderful world of pockets. I will warn you now, these are highly addictive and contagious. You're going to love this new found craft.

Happy Crafting lovelies,
Brianna Holifield

Thank you SO MUCH Brianna for sharing your pocket letter story! I loved hearing how you got into this new style of crafting. Please make sure to check out Brianna's blog and Instagram: 

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**All photos in this post are by Brianna of Luv My Army Boy and used with special permission. 

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  1. I love your pocket letters Brianna!! Thank you for sharing!


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