The Reset Girl's Lister's Gotta List/YouTube Video

Today I wanted to share a little about this wonderful “listing” challenge that’s going viral in the Instagram/papercrafting community. Cori (AKA The Reset Girl) is an inspiring Instagrammer and Youtuber that created a list challenge called #ListersGottaList . She provides daily “listing” prompts for participants to complete. Her questions are introspective and fun, plus there aren’t any rules as to which medium you can record your daily entries. You can use a journal, notebook, or even a scratch piece of paper. Anything goes! There are plenty of details on Cori’s website, so please go there and you’ll find every thing you need to get started.

What I decided to do for this challenge (at least for this first month) is to make my list entries on individual index cards. Each index card equals one day. I decorate the front of the index card then I use the back to write out my answer. Of course I’m behind so I end up doing a few day’s worth of lists when I get a spare moment. But that’s okay! There are no deadlines and this isn’t homework, so you can definitely go at your own pace! I love working on smaller scales, so index cards are perfect for me, and for this project. I know there are many who do One Index Card A Day or ICAD in the papercrafting community, so it’s been fun to merge two projects into one.

I “met” Cori on Instagram a while ago and have been a fan of her planner work for a long time. Now we’re both on Christy Tomlinson’s planner kit design/creative team. She's a GEM and it’s been a huge blessing getting to know her a little bit better. She is every bit inspiring and delightful behind the scenes as she is on her Instagram and YouTube. Go to Cori’s website to get all the details including the downloads for each month’s prompts.

And check out my YouTube video on my typical process in making these cards for Cori's challenge.

Thanks for reading and watching! ;)

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