The Planner Society Subscription Kit: April

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I was kindly selected to be on Christy Tomlinson’s The Planner Society Kit Design/Creative team. Basically, it's my job to show you how I use the kit each month. What a happy task! When you purchase a subscription, you are mailed a box full of planner/stationery goodies each month. The first box to kick off the subscription was AMAZING and rocked my retinas through and through! Christy’s taste is impeccable so everything she chose was cute and fun to incorporate into my planner.

Here is a picture of everything that was included in April’s kit. So gorgeous and so functional!

 I couldn’t even throw away her cute packaging. Some of the goodies came in some patterned sacks and I ended up using those to decorate my planner pockets too. You simply don’t throw away a good thing! (lol)

I also used some of the supplies in my fauxdori (Eiffel Tower "Sewdori" c/o: Two Dirty Chickens). Most of the items in this particular spread are from  Christy’s planner kit.

Current subscriptions are sold out, but I’m pretty sure you can reserve your box for June by clicking here. Thanks for stopping by and for taking the time to read this! See you all next time! ;)
PS. If you're a Planner Society kit subscriber, let me know in the comments below! Because that means we're KIT SISTERS! Wooo! KIT SISTERS FOR LIFE!

PPS. I look EXACTLY like my sister in this picture.. We're twins separated by a few years.. It's so weird! Haha!

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