Pocket Letters™ Printable/Challenge

Hello there Pals! Today I have something fun to share. I’ve created some Pocket Letters™ digital downloads (for purchase) on my Pocket Letters™ shop. Your purchase of these downloads help me offset Pocket Letter Pals™ network maintenance, hosting costs, and related developments. So your support is greatly appreciated! (THANK YOU to those who have purchased some already!)

 I’ll be hosting a Printable Challenge/Swap on the Pocket Letter Pals™ network (it's free to join the network). Here’s how it’ll work…I’ll create a themed printable (the first round will be a St. Patrick’s Day theme). If you purchase the printable, you’ll be granted access into a  private group related to that printable. You’ll create at least 1 (or more) themed Pocket Letters using some or all of the printable as a “base”. You'll also be free to incorporate any other elements (paint, embellishments, stickers, etc) you’d like.

Participants will share ideas and inspiration on how to make these printables personalized and beautiful! The more creative the better! It’ll be a fun to see everyone’s unique letters, while still retaining some of the same elements of the download. At the end of the challenge, I’ll randomly select one group member to send my St. Patrick’s Day themed Pocket Letter with no obligation to send anything back.

You can also either keep your creations or swap them within the private group, or outside the group. You can purchase the printable and not participate if that's what you prefer! No hard feelings! ;)

 If you’re interested, in participating in the first Printable Pals Challenge, please leave a comment below. You will need to have an account on the Pocket Letter Pals network to participate and purchase of the download will be required to participate in the challenge.

Let me know if you want to join me!

Thank you!


  1. Love it -- can't wait to download. Thanks for coming up with this brilliant concept, and for making it so easy for us to meet and exchange with each other.

    1. Thanks so much Lee! Your support means so much to me!

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  3. This Irish American Girl thanks you for coming up with the St. Paddy's Day Pocket Letter Goodies. I was planning to do a Pocket Letter to my granddaughter since she loves St. Paddy's Day.


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