Planner Pockets

So I guess it’s safe to say I have a penchant for pockets? Aside from Pocket Letters, I've been known in the Instagram community for my planner pockets and my tri-fold letter with built-in pockets. You could say I’m a pocket girl! (Wait. Is that a song?) When I got my first big-girl planner late last year (medium, gold Kikki K.), I was enamored with the possibilities.

I decided that every week I would swap out the things in the pocket section with things that inspired me. Sort of like an inspiration board, to go. The following is just one of many examples of what I like to do with my planner pockets, you can find more on my Instagram tag, #JanetteLanePlans. Here are some examples:

 I love having something inspiring to look at every time I open my planner. Don’t you? What do you decorate your pockets with?

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