I'm On a Design Team!

I was asked by the amazingly talented, Christy Tomlinson, to be part of her Planner Society Kit design team. WHAT??! Did that just really happen?? This is the first design team I've ever been on and I'm BEYOND EXCITED and SO HONORED to be counted among such inspiring women. They're all the nicest people too!


Look how happy my face is???! lol I'm overjoyed! I'll be sharing how I use Christy's gorgeous planner kit, so follow my blog and or YouTube channel for all the latest on this fun venture!

To sign up for your own monthly Planner Society kit, please click here.

PS. I haven't shared much about my planner(s) on my blog yet, but here's a peek at my Planner Journal!

PPS. Gonna email Christy right now just to confirm that I'm really on this dream team.. She could have the wrong Janette. LOL 

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