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I've always wanted to be a part of something amazing, and my prayers have finally been answered. Pocket Letters and Pocket Letter Pals are becoming increasingly popular in the snailmail and crafting community online. It makes me so happy!! Like I mentioned last week, I've always been inspired by so many in my online and offline life. I'm honored to finally be able to inspire others in return.

Friends, I have big and crazy dreams for Pocket Letters and Pocket Letter Pals. Most of those dreams I'm not brave enough to say out loud, but I know with God's help I can accomplish so much and see my ideas and plans come to fruition. But I need your help, because like a lot of things in life, we can't do it alone. So I'm asking if you'd be so kind as to check out my Pocket Letters Shop and support it in any way you can! Your support can be in the form of a purchase, a social media share, even a little prayer said on its behalf. It would mean the world to me! Thank you in advance.

My first listing is a digital download. You can purchase it and print it at home as many times as you'd like and use them as a "base" for some of your letters. Obviously, you don't just want to cut it out and mail it "as is" to your Pocket Letter Pal! That's hardly unique and very unthoughtful. There are various ways to personalize these designed squares. Here's an example of how I used the download to customize my letters...

Thank you so much for your kind words, thoughts, love and support!


PS. You'll also find some super cute page flags you might be interested in...Take a look:)


To find Pocket Letter Pals in your area or around the world and to begin swapping Pocket Letters™, please sign up for an account at www.pocketletterpals.com. Thank you!

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