Pocket Letter Sneak Peek

I've received a healthy-sized stack of GORGEOUS pocket letters from my Pocket Letter Pals! It's so exciting. I shared about them in this post, "First Batch of Pocket Letters," and I also made a YouTube video giving a closer look at each letter. It's so fun getting these in the mail and looking through each little pocket. Your individuality shines through each piece. They're so unique and yet similar. I'm loving this whole Pocket Letter Pals experience thus far! Hope you are too!

Now that I've received my first round, I need to start replying! I don't like sharing full-on letters because it takes away the surprise factor. Usually when I share my outgoing snailmail online, I either share peeks, or I don't disclose the recipient. So that's what I'm doing today. Here's a tiny, infinitesimal sneak peek at a reply I'm working on...

 It's been so fun! I hope my Pocket Letter Pal enjoys it!

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To find Pocket Letter Pals and to begin swapping Pocket Letters™, please sign up for an account at www.pocketletterpals.com. Thank you!

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