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I'm so proud of myself! This weekend I was a busy bee and was able to reply to some more Pocket Letters I received. You should see my living room after my Pocket Letter making-marathon. On second thought...Maybe, no. Haha! I received a second batch of letters from my Pocket Letter Pals last week and I've been delaying opening them. I decided to hold off on opening letters until I've actually sent some out. Otherwise I'll feel overwhelmed and I've been feeling like that a lot lately, especially at work! Plus I had that cold I was battling all week... Thankfully I'm all better on that end! (Thank you for your prayers!)

Anywho! I made a quick video showing some of my outgoing Pocket Letter mail. That always sounds funny to me..."Outgoing mail" What's it called when the mail is not outgoing? lol Surely someone can make a quirky joke out of this! I'm good at thinking of joke scenarios..but not punchlines. On second thought (apparently I'm having a lot of those in this post), I'm not good at jokes. At all. Like. Me? Tell a joke? It's not pretty. Ask Lovey.

Okay. Well I'm off to work and I hope you all have a wonderful day, friends!

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  1. incoming - mail u receive and outgoing- mail u send

  2. incoming - mail u receive and outgoing- mail u send

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  4. Omg! I saw a few of these lovely pocket letter things on Instagram & that's all it took for me to become completely obsessed with this awesome snail mail craft letter combination to send your penpals! I'm like obsessed with this & I haven't even made one yet...

    Would you care to be my new Penpal?


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