My New Phone & How I Picture the Future

Today's post has a two-fold purpose:

A. I want to share the cute owl bag I purchased at Michaels. Like.. how cute!

B. I wanted to take a picture of my phone for the sake of posterity. Today I purchased an upgrade! It's been 4 years since I got my phone, and it still works like a champ, but I need a better camera since I use it so much for my blog and just to document my life in general.

Fare thee well, my first smartphone! Some day I'll take you out of the box I'm going to store you in and laugh at how big and lunky you are because it'll be the future and by then phones will be implanted in our ear drums and we won't have any handheld devices because we'll all wear contact lenses that are actually screens that'll work with retina-tracking technology... Then I'll gather up my 50 grandkids and they'll all ask, "What's this, grandma??" And I'll say, "It was my first smartphone, children! Now would you be so kind as to order me a pizza delivery drone because the reruns of Star Wars 20 are about to start." And they'll reply, "NO WAY!!! Get it yourself, Janette!" because there will be no respect for elders in the year 2099...


Well that escalated quickly..


  1. OMG that owl pouch is adorable... was it expensive?? Note to self.. must get to Michaels! Love it!

  2. FUNNY! Love your commentary! And yes! Owl bag!!! Love!


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