In My Daddy's Eyes.

I went to visit my parents the other per yooj. After dinner (pollito con frijolitos y verduras). my dad and I started to talk about different things. His old jobs. His strengths. My strengths. Art. Funny memories. My siblings. Skiing... I could hear him talk all day since he's generally a quiet man. Then he started to tell me a story about how I fell off the bed when I was only a few months old. I, of course, already knew that I'd been accidentally dropped as a babe. But this story was a new one. My mom had said that I rolled off of our sofa pretty early on. It's a classic story in our family. Everyone knows I fell off the couch as a newborn. And Mama gets a kick out of it when I say that I remember the whole thing because I was there... (I love making my momma laugh!)

Anywho. Apparently, falling from the bed was a story I'd never heard before. Naturally, I wanted to know all the details. And this is where it gets a little surreal. Dad said that during the night, I flipped off their bed. He described how quickly he reacted and how he twisted his back in the process of picking me up. An injury he said took him a year to heal. Then a funny thing happened. He started telling me about how I had landed (and of course I was sound asleep through the whole thing) and was laying on the floor. As he was describing it, he was looking downward and his eyes started to move around like he was tracing my small shape in his memory. His eyes were reliving the moment. It was so strange because I felt I could almost see myself there on the floor, swaddled, and sleeping, too.

I felt so close to it. Like I was literally there... Yet so far. How could he see the image of that memory so clearly? So clearly, I could almost see it too? It made me think that if I concentrated enough I could access it too...It felt within hand's reach...Like when a word is stuck on the tip of your tongue. It was right there. In his eyes.

Have you ever experienced that?

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