A Quick Pause

Lets press pause on life for a little bit and chit chat. Shall we? The last week or so has been c r a z y. Not only has work been beyond hectic and stressful, but Pocket Letters and Pocket Letter Pals have taken off to a running start. It's been fun watching the excitement spread in such a short time. (Like...How did that happen? SO COOL!) It's a blessing! Everyone's been so kind and supportive and none more so than my family! THANK YOU! There's a whole story I'd like to share about how wonderful they've been, but definitely some other time. For now, all I can say is that it's a true blessing to be able to inspire others in some way. And tonight, I'm going to bed (early lol) with a heart full of gratitude and peace. Goodnight! :)


  1. Peonies are my fave flowers... I love these. xo

    1. Thanks Bonita! Me too! Wish I could grow some because they're so pricey! :(


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