Happy 2015 (25 days late!)

There really is no good reason as to why I haven't blogged since last year. I've been busy, but not to the point where I couldn't come and say hi to everyone. Maybe you could describe me as incredibly distracted the last month or so... Yeah. That's it! Work picked up once the holidays were over (Finally done with the remodel!) and I've been dating my husband this whole winter because during Fall he was incredibly busy with work and school. It's been nice finally doing stuff we've been meaning to do for months...like watching a movie. We hadn't seen one together since September of last year! We have since caught up on everything we wanted to watch and are currently bored with our Netflix subscription (first world country problems).

Aside from work, family, and spending quality time with Lovey, I've been delving a little deeper in the world of papercrafts. It's been a great experience for me... Especially on Instagram. The Planner/SnailMail/Papercraft community is amazing! I hope to start sharing more about my current crafty pursuits henceforth. I've got tons to share! But until I can get a bit more organized, here are some pictures of my projects. Just snippets of my desk and or workspace.

 Journals, notebooks, planners, and stationery...Yup. That all sounds about right...Until next time, friends! Happy New Year!

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