Farewell Fall!

Fall 2014 is coming to a close, and it's really hard to believe, isn't it? It seems like just yesterday I was posting my Fall Bucket List. I should mention I did pretty well on it. I have 3 things left that I didn't do: wear my mustard beanie (still have time to do that), go apple-picking (not happening), and bake some pumpkin muffins (also not happening). Not bad, right?

Fare thee well, Fall! I'm still kind of bummed your weather was mostly summery and I spent a lot of time in shorts, but I did appreciate that one day were I randomly dressed up like Katniss. That was a good day. Oh yeah. And Thanksgiving was nice too;)

Lordwilling, we'll meet again!

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  1. Yes, the time really flies:) But I'm glad it's December, cause during November it just was raining all the time:-/ But now we have been lucky with more light and sun. All I miss right now is the snow:)

    Wish you a great day.

    /Your penpal Jeanette



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