DIY Letter w/ Pockets (TUTORIAL)

So a few of you were pretty impressed with my brochure-style letter with pockets I posted on my Instagram (here and here ). Even more of you asked for a tutorial on how to create your own tri-fold letter. I aim to please, so here's the tutorial! All I ask in return for taking the time to do this (you all know how lazy I am! lol) is that you tag me if you make one. I want to see your gorgeous creations! Thank you in advance. Okay! Lets get started...

-Glue (I used basic Elmer's glue.)
-2 letter sized-card stock quality-papers
-Exacto knife
-Cutting surface

Place your cardstock papers on top of each other and fold them in thirds like a brochure. Set the paper that will be the outside aside. You are only cutting the paper that will be on the inside. Not both!
Take the paper that will be the inside of your letter and draw some pockets with your ruler. (See gray lines in diagram below)

Once you have drawn your pockets, cut them carefully with your Exacto knife. (TIP: Use your ruler to guide your knife to ensure super straight lines.) DO NOT CUT ALL THE WAY TO THE FOLDS. Give yourself some room for your glue.
When all your pocket slits have been cut, it's time to move on to gluing. You can also make hole punches for cute ribbons at this time... Make sure you thread your ribbon or string through before gluing anything down.

Glue your cardstock together using the folds as your "glue-guide lines" (see pink lines in diagram above). Glue along the edges of the paper, but do not glue over your pocket slits.
Make sure the papers are as lined up as possible (matching fold to fold) before letting the glue dry. Once the glue dries, cut off any excess where the paper didn't line up perfectly.

Now's the best part of all! Time to decorate your letter and fill the pockets with handwritten sentiments (name that movie), die cuts, stickers, washi, sequins, paint chips, etc. The possibilities are endless and oh so fun!

See? That wasn't too bad, right? Hope you enjoyed this tutorial... Again, don't forget to tag me if you post your creations online! And if you need clarification or have any questions, please don't hestitate to leave them in the comment section below.

Thank you and happy snailmailing!

PS. Here's another tutorial you may enjoy: HOW TO MAKE AFFORDABLE DIY STICKERS!

PPS. Thank you for your patience with me on my snail mail journey. I'm sort of a newbie and it's been a challenge posting my mail stuff on my blog... I plan to do so more often. Thanks!


  1. This is neat! I've been slacking as a pen pal, so this is definitely a project I'm going to try so I can actually send my friends mail :P

  2. I really love this idea! So cute!

  3. That's genius ! I'm trying it tomorrow ! Thanks ;)

  4. SUPER COOL! Thanks for taking the time to do this post. This makes for an awesome "Mommy & Me" project, for my daughter and I over the holiday break... will let you know how it goes if we get around to trying it.

  5. Omg!! I am so gonna make this 😍😍💗💗💗 (I'm pretty.planner from IG)

  6. I love this so much Janette! I will have to try it for snail mailing asap! xo


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