Thanksgiving 2014

I can't believe Thanksgiving has come and gone! Time flies when you're busy, huh? Work is picking up and I've been planning a baby shower (STRESS CENTRAL). This four day holiday weekend gave me the "time out" I needed to relax a bit. Not that it was any less stressful. Cooking Thanksgiving dinner single-handedly is still nerve-wracking, but it was well worth it! Lovey and I hosted our parents for a quiet family meal. We had a yummy dinner followed by a Pedro Infante movie marathon. Does it get any better? (Do any of you know who Pedro Infante is without googling him?)

How was your Thanksgiving?

PS. Come back tomorrow! I'll be sharing a delicious and creative leftovers recipe :) Really. It's good! Like. It'll start a tradition in your family. Trust me!
PPS. Have you entered my Target giveaway yet?

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