Post-Vacay Brain Fog

Have you ever had post-vacation brain fog?! WOW! Last weekend Lovey and I went to AZ for his stepdad's birthday bash. Fun was had, memories were made, pictures were taken and posted on Facebook. But since we've been back I've been in a daze. I feel lazy and a bit uninspired. (Can I just watch Netflix and eat chips all day???) I wish I was still on vacation because we had so much fun! Mostly I shopped the whole time I was there.  (And by "shopped" I mean, "thrifted"). Yes. Lovey's grandparents took me to thrifting paradise!

Can I just go back already???

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  1. Goodness, did you just read my mind? I've just gotten back from my vacation, and I am feeling the exact same way!
    Lovely post. :)


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