Outgoing Mail!

There's something so relaxing about creating cute parcels for my penpals. I'm not crazy about the letter-writing part...or how expensive postage can get. To be honest, I have so many penfriends, I have no idea what I've already written to most of them. So I try to keep that part short for fear of redundancy. I tend to focus more on the rest of the package and I'm having a blast in that area. I love working with different patterned papers, colors, and textures. And sending little "paper treats" like postcards, stickers, and memo pad samples is so fun. Don't ask me why! It just is! Can I please just have someone pay me to make these all day long, every day, forever and ever!!? What a happy life that would be... sending pretty parcels around the world!

PS. For a cute, snail mail idea with Extra Gum, check out this post.

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  1. Your snail mail is so gorgeous! I love your little pocket cards for mail tags and extra goodies


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