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Thanksgiving is all about gratitude (and turkey) but mostly gratitude. Whether you’re thankful for your health, an A on an exam, or spending time with your family, we all have something to be grateful for. I’ve created a snail mail project in partnership with Extra Gum’s Give Extra Get Extra campaign to share a small token of gratitude with some special people in my life this holiday season!
How did the holidays creep up on us so quickly? Time flies and we have to keep up as best as we can. And sometimes we fail at “keeping up” don’t we? Especially keeping in touch! We’re busy people. If it’s not work, it’s school. If it’s not school, it’s a craft project. It’s hard to juggle our priorities and sometimes our friends and family fall by the wayside. I know that’s true for me. There are so many people in my life I fail to keep in touch with on a regular basis. The intentions are there, trust me, but before you know it, the “I’ll-call-her-next-week…” somehow turns into “I’ll-call-her-next-year.” Before long, a friendship is over.

But isn’t that what Facebook is for, Janette? To not lose touch with people? Yes, Facebook facilitates keeping in touch with friends and family more often, but I wouldn’t consider “liking” a status update real communication. I think it’s important to establish and maintain healthy communication with people in our lives outside of social media and texting.

This is why I was inspired to create this Snail Mail project with Extra. I'm seizing this opportunity to reach out to those I’m truly grateful for. It wasn't that difficult either. I simply got crafty with some Extra gum packets! All I used for this project was craft paper, cute embellishments, and little phrases that say, “Extra thankful for you…” (Gosh, I'm clever! Ha!) I also included a note that goes into detail about things I'm grateful for.
For example, this “bundle of thanks” (pictured above) is being sent to my sister who lives in Florida. Chel moved there recently with her husband and kids. I often forward her misdirected mail (ie boring paperwork) in a garish manila envelope. But everyone should receive something fun in the mail every once in a while, especially her! She deserves it because she's an amazing individual who pretty much helped raise me. We shared a bed growing up because we were a large family and I remember I would wake her if I had a nightmare and she would hug and comfort me until I fell asleep. She was always a mother-type to me, but I think that was mostly due to our 12 year age difference. I miss her so much, especially around the holidays. And while I do text her all day long, everyday, I know she'll feel special knowing I took the time to make her this tangible token of my appreciation.

Now is the time when I extend the invitation! Yes! I'm inviting you to participate in this campaign! Reach out to someone you are thankful for this holiday season. Send a tangible token of your appreciation. It doesn’t have to be big or elaborate. It could be a short note, a gift card for a cup of coffee, or even a pretty pack of gum. This Thanksgiving season express your gratitude! Feel free to use my ideas and give Extra!

While you’re here, please share who you’re thankful for in the comments below. This could be a teacher, a childhood friend, or a pastor. It could be someone you know well or the friendly worker at your favorite restaurant. It could be someone you talk to every day, or someone you haven’t talked to in years. Past or present, there’s always someone or something for which to be grateful.

PS. Here are some additional ways you could use my “Extra…”snail mail project idea:
“Extra Glad You’re My Boss”(Sibling, Friend, Gym Partner, etc.)
 “Extra happy I get to spend Thanksgiving with you...”
“Extra grateful for your kindness every day...”

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  1. These are gorgeous! Such a great idea...I see a trip to the craft store in my future :)

  2. Wow! I love the "snail mail" project idea...and your gifts are beautiful! It's so important to always thank those people in our lives who go the "extra" mile...thanks for sharing! #client

  3. You are so creative. I love what you did with this!


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