Does This Happen In Your Life Too?

Lovey: (Yawn) I'm going to bed. I'm exhausted!
Janette: Okay my love! Goodnight! Be there in a few...

(Lovey leaves living room and heads to our bedroom where the light goes out in seconds.)

45 minutes elapse...

Janette's Internal Dialog: Oh wow! Look at the time! I should just finish this snail mail tomorrow. It's late. Lovey is probably out cold ! He looked so tired earlier. Poor thing...

Janette walks into the bedroom only to find this....

Lovey playing Clash of Clans on his phone... 


Oh Loveyloves! 


  1. LOL! My husband is the same way with looking up car things. He will look for HOURS on what to do with his project car. Oi. Men.


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