Unposted Instagrams

I'm an overgrammer. I am. There's no shame! I would post hourly if it was socially acceptable. Haha!  It's definitely my favorite platform, hands down. Here are some grams I didn't share on my account...but really, really, really wanted to...
Top to Bottom, Left to Right

1. Late night drawing/candy corn eating session.
2. Glittery heart banners that were waaaay to difficult to make due to their tiny size!! Gahh!
3. I scored this 60 sheet booklet of gorgeous paper at Michael's for $5. Deal, right?
4. Some Fall essentials.
5. This was taken while Lovey and I were waiting for a table one Saturday night.
6. Felt in earth tones! Whatever are you doing with those, Janette? (An upcoming project of course!)
7. Moody pumpkins...
8. A spring journal that I decorated to give it more of a Fall-vibe.
9. A yummy morning meal very similar to this simple breakfast.
10.  I went to my local art supply store and bought a real calligraphy pen, white gel pens, and oil pastels.
11. Chalk art that came out horrible! Haha! I think it's my sidewalk. It's so porous (For better chalk art, click here and here)!
12.  I tried a DIY masking tape transfer. It worked pretty well!


  1. These are such pretty pictures! It's awesome that you've been so crafty lately, I love seeing what you've been coming up with ^_^

  2. Beautiful photos, love how everything was placed perfectly in each photo. Just found your blog, and followed via Bloglovin.
    Messy Bits // Bloglovin


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