Plants & Gregorian Chants

I went to Home Depot today to get some potting soil for my garden. I love walking through their nursery slash plant area. It's so relaxing for some reason, isn't it? I could gaze at flowers for hours! (I'm in a rhyming mood tonight. Heh!) I think it has something to do with my dad. That man has an impressive garden! He has papaya trees, pecan trees, and everything in between! He must have whatever level comes after "green thumb" because everything he plants and ever! 

He simply loves plants! Sometimes I'll say something like, "DAD! Please don't plant any more of those flowers in your garden. They're ugly.... I don't like those..." And then he smiles at me, gently shakes his head, and says  "How can you say that? Come take a closer look." And so I do. He points out things I don't see offhand and invites me to marvel at the little details. It's like he's peering right into the face of God the way he looks at things.

And that's what I'm doing right now with this post and these pictures of my store trip. I'm inviting you to marvel at all the intricacies and delightful shades of color. Just for a moment! Will you pause and take a closer look with me? Look at all the different textures! Sharp corners and round... Colorful and monochromatic... Soft or painful to the touch... Isn't it wonderful?

Cue the Gregorian chants!

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