Indoor Picnic for 2

Yesterday afternoon I babysat my 5 year old niece, Lexicakes! She's made up of purple sunset clouds, gold glitter, unicorns, and heart-shaped lollipops. It's true! I love my little Lexi. She had a half day at school, so we spent the afternoon coloring, going for a long walk, doing our nails, and watching a movie. Oh yeah. And talking. She talked and talked. And 6 hours later she was still talking! She never stopped. No, not once!

The first hour I thought it was adorable. By hour 3, I was insisting she take a nap. Haha! That kid was full of questions! "Is it true that it's okay to color outside of the lines?" "Why was that man wearing a beige coat?" "We're supposed to wash our hands after we go to the bathroom because of germs, right?" And on and on. I don't want to discourage her from asking questions. (As a kid, I was deterred and told that it was rude to ask so many things.) I tried my best to be patient and when that didn't work, I distracted her with food. I'm kidding. (Sort of.) Ha! The picture above is what we had while we watched Home Alone 2 for the 100th time!  

"It's a nice night for a neck injury!" I love that movie!


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