Goot Lock!

Zuzu is clearly not impressed.

I dyed my hair this afternoon... Well,  I didn't dye it, my friend Arielle did. Actually, we dyed each other's hair because that's what true friends are for. And boy is she a good one! I have a TON of hair! Like heaps and heaps! I'm grateful for her patience! That girl did such a good job! It was actually the first time in 10 years I've dyed a friend's hair. And we had a blast! Especially our trip to Sally's to get all of our supplies. The store cashier was a friendly and helpful lady with a thick Russian accent. When we were done paying, she said, "Good luck!" But the way she said it sounded more like "Goot lock." It was friggin' awesome cause it reminded me of a Russian mafia movie scene. What's even funnier is that right before all this, we were discussing green cards and name changes with her too. (When did I become Liam Neeson?!!) Arielle and I laughed about it the whole way back to her house. We're easily amused by little things! :D

As for the hair, we were both happy with the results. And I'm glad because I guess that means we're still friends. ;) I'll be sharing my new hair color soon, so stay tuned!

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