Fall Bucket List Update

Remember a few weeks ago I posted my Fall Bucket List for 2014?  Turns out most of my checklist had to do with eating or drinking some kind of Fall treat. (I'm not that ambitious, I suppose...) Well the thing I was most looking forward to was eating a candy apple because I love them and it's unusual that I have one. Besides, I may or may not have created a negative association with candy apples, hence why I rarely eat them. Embarrassingly enough, a few years ago Lovey and I had a huge fight about one. LAUGH OUT LOUD WITH ME! (Who does that?) Thankfully, we've moved on from that and our marriage is stronger than ever! HAHA!

Back to the bucketlist... Here's what it #11 on my list looked like... Isn't it beautiful?

I'm feeling quite accomplished, friends! And I really hope this delicious Fall treat inspires you to create your own Fall To-Dos! It doesn't have to involve food, of course, but it is more fun if you do include one fall treat...or two. Tell me what's number one on your list in the comment section...

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