BBQ Breakfast

Sundays are for eating all the leftovers. It's like a culinary culmination of the entire week's yummy meals. Lovey and I recently discovered that BBQ is perfect for breakfast. Is that strange? There's just something about the smokey sweetness of it that tastes surprisingly... surprising. Just warm up your meats, make a few eggs, and presto!

Our Sunday breakfast (yesterday) was quite exceptional! It was a little beef brisket, over-medium eggs, 1 beef rib, garlic mashed potato patties, and mac and cheese. Ok, so it was more like a HUGE feast, but in our defense we didn't eat again until 9PM. Haha! Looks tasty. right?  Actually, I wasn't a fan of mac and cheese in the morning. It just didn't belong. Other than that it was good!

What weird things have you had for breakfast? Dinner for breakfast is not as popular as breakfast for dinner, huh?

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