6 "California Fall" Outfits

Is it just southern California, or is Fall delaying in all parts of the country? This seems to be a developing trend in our state.  I'm trying not to complain about the heat like I have in the past. So this year I've decided to embrace it. If you can't beat them, join them.... And if you're going to join them, dress the part! Haha! Am I making any sense? Let me explain!

Before I'd grumble about it being too hot to wear my Fall favorites (scarves, boots, blazers, and more scarves). But I've decided not to let a restless star that's over 92,000,000 miles away ruin my favorite season! I'm gonna adapt and dress the part. Fall fashion is my absolute favorite! Here's what I've been doing to dress for this California Fall.
I've basically been wearing the same things I'd wear if it were cooler, but with shorts and or short sleeve blouses. A sweater vest can be easily paired with a tank or a short sleeved top for a warm Fall day. And truth be told, a light scarf is actually tolerable in 80 degree weather as long as you're wearing shorts. Speaking of shorts... I'm obsessed with pairing them with blazers and long sweaters. But isn't it too hot for blazers and sweaters, Janette? Yes. Yes it is. But in all likelihood you work and or live in a place with AC, right? So wear your sweaters and pretend it's 52 degree outside! And if it gets too warm, roll up your sleeves and go grab a Pumpkin Ice Blended Coffee from Coffee Bean! Oh! Don't let me forget to mention BOOTIES! Mid-calf or even knee-high boots are too hot to wear right now, but some ankle boots go well with shorts or pants. See? I've figured it all out. I can still enjoy my Fall and dress for it too ;)

Now tell me, has Fall been behaving in your neck of the woods? How have you been coping with warmer temps? Of if you're one of the lucky ones who get to experience real Fall, tell me how you've been keeping warm in the comments below :)

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